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A single-player rogue-like complemented by a unique tactical fight mode.



Hire a squad of up to three lovable heroes and lead them through thrilling adventures composed of hundreds of unique unlockable game elements interacting with each other.

  • Arm the Ballista and lure an unsuspecting Skelly into its line of fire

  • Catch the Flying Dealer and buy a Leg of Meat

  • Expose a Secret Passage and slip by your nemesis

  • Peddle a corpse at the Undertaker

  • Visit the Observatory and see a Meteor falling from the sky

  • Scavenge by the Gallows and slip

  • Join a Viking Raid and plunder as much as you can carry

  • Stab the Voodoo Doll and find out

  • ...



Your Heroes run on Action Coins. Mint six distinct types and make them dance. But plan ahead! And lurk for bargains!

  • Hit - A good old smack to the face

  • Block - The best offense is a good defense

  • Ability - Throw a leech, summon lightning strikes, have a gulp of beer, ...

  • Sabotage - The easiest way to spark rage in your enemy

  • Augmentation - Get rich quick, for real this time

  • Substitution - Get out, you good-for-nothing!


  • 232 Tiles - Each with a unique effect

  • 8 Heroes, 30 Enemies - Each with a unique ability, two perks, twelve attributes

  • 30 Items - Each with up to two perks

  • 7 Good, 7 Evil Traits - Altering the hero they belong to

  • 18 Consumables - Grant a one-time effect


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Thank you very much!

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